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September 01, 2020 1:43pm
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Surge Battery Metals Stock Is Compelling; Accelerates 2022 Initiatives To Mine Into Massive Battery Metals Market Opportunity (OTC: NILIF) (TSXV: NILI)

Surge Battery Metals Stock Is Compelling; Accelerates 2022 Initiatives To Mine Into Massive Battery Metals Market Opportunity  (OTC: NILIF) (TSXV: NILI)

Surge Battery Metals, Inc. (OTC: NILIF) is in the right markets at the right time. Better still, this well-capitalized, multi-country lithium and metals exploration company is advancing projects in several of the world's most mining-friendly jurisdictions to target an EV battery metals markets putting billions of potential dollars in the company's crosshairs. Not only that, with demand for battery metals, lithium, and other essential elements expected to strengthen from already exloding levels, NILIF's market position and revenue generating opportunities will only strengthen with time.

Best of all, early investors are still welcome. That's because even with NILIF's opportunities in plain sight and with data to back its claims, valuations are still apreciably disconnected from near-term value drivers. Thus, the NILIF investment proposition is more than attractive; it's timely. And that can deliver near and long term rewards for investors wanting exposure to the billions of dollars in play from a booming EV battery metals sector.

In fact, there may never be a better time to consider the opportunity. Weak broader markets are pulling even the best stocks lower. And despite the penny stocks getting pushed lower than their small-cap brethren, it doesn't mean that NILF isn't in the right sector doing the right things at the right time. They are. And they have plenty to show from its efforts.

Feeding An Imbalance In Supply And Demand

Foremost, they are advancing projects in two of the most mining-friendly jurisdictions in the world, working to maximize revenue-generating opportunities through five promising mines across in Canada and nevada. And better than having the right properties, they are also fully funded to accelerate and complete its 2022 exploration plan, with roughly $3.8 Million in working capital reported in its most recent financials.

And that capital is getting put to work at the right locations. NILIF's closest mining neighbors include companies with highly successful late-stage exploration programs. That's excellent news in an indiustry where location is everything. The even better news is that all of NILIF's properties are located near alteady proven reserves, which could significantly mitigates risk across as they enter the late stages to transform from an exploration company to a metals and elements supplier.


The timing of that is spot-on. An article in Bloomberg recently referred to the lithium markets being in "Ludicrous Mode," citing specifically the imbalance between supply and demand that may take a years to reconcile. The Wall Street Journal also supports that premise, reporting that lithium demand alone increased by more than 240% in the back half of last year. also chimed in, saying in a March article that the race is on to produce more lithium in the United States highlights the importance of lithium to achieving clean energy goals. But that's not all they said. They added that the industry that mines, extracts, and processes the chemical element is poised to grow. In other words, NILIF is ideally-positioned to capitalize on an opportunity vital to national interests and industry.

Here's better news from a NILIF investpr's perspective- demand isn't slowing. On the contrary its surging now and is expected to explode higher with more than 20 EV manufacturers now in line to secure the battery metals needed to power their vehicles.

Imbalance Benefits Suppliers

Of course, that demand benefits the matals and mionerals suppliers the most. Moreover, they can feed demand where prices for their metals continue to break prior record-setting highs. And with limited supply, surging demand, and the absolute need for lithium to create rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, prices likely won't settle anytime soon. The bull run for battery metals can be a multi-year phenomona, which bodes well for those unearthing the goods. Surge Battery Metals expects they will be right on time to become a significant supplier to those clients already buying available production as fast as its unearthed. How substantial is the demand? Well, in a word, off-the-charts.

Just two years ago, the worldwide demand for lithium was about 350,000 tons (317,517 metric tons). While substantial, by 2030, demand for lithium is expected to increase six-fold. And right now, Nevada is about the only place in the U.S. where active lithium mines operate. Yes, potential lithium mining and extracting projects are in various stages of development in states including Maine, North Carolina, and California, but truth be known, the processes in place to go from land owner to operator can take years and thousdands of pages of paperwork before even a flag can get posted. Thus, while competition may be on the horizon, for now, nevada is the place to be. And NILIF is there.

And better yet, could be their nearest-term value driver. Arguments made are that the Nevada location alone is wothy of 3X its current market cap. And even that bullish presumption could be conservative, with assets there including a significant landholding in Clayton Valley, the United States' only producing lithium jurisdiction. Keep in mind, that's one location. Surge is also working to maximize investments at two more Nevada locations, one in the San Emidio Desert and the other in Northern Nevada. Both can be revenue-generating game-changers for the company whether they unearth lithium or just prove reserves. Remember, similar to gold miners earning market cap for metals under the ground, the same can happen for those with proven lithium. NILIF's mines may deliver good news on that front.

Nevadas Mining Locations Can Be Considerable Value-Drivers

Its Northern Nevada location includes 95 different claims across 778 hectares, with stream sediment samples as high as 1980ppm Li. Promising results from the company's initial assessment were released on 12/31/21, with analysis showing the project coincides ideally with Albemarle's recent announcement that they'd begin tapping into lithium clay resources. 

West from there, and only a few miles from Tesla's new Gigafactory, is NILIF's San Emidio Desert project. Again, location matters, and this area has a proven history as a home to high, documented lithium concentrations. The excellent news for investors liking to trade ahead of potential catalysts is that Phase 1 exploration is expected to be completed by the end of this summer. And following that announcement, a second milestone reached could turn into a catalyst, with Phase 2 of the project moving into drilling exploratory holes, expected to happen by the end of 2022.

Here's an important contribution to the NILIF investment proposition. A potentially massive option agreement with Lithium Corporation (OTCQB: LTUM) could expedite the creating a wealth a shareholder value. In fact, the agreement with $LTUM alone could be bridge to transform Surge Battery from a micro-cap exploration company into one of the industry's most reliable suppliers of battery metals and elements. Moreover, the terms of that deal are shareholder friendly, allowing NILIF to expand its business footprint and retain the lion's share of its excess $3.8 million in working capital. Updates from that deal, which are likely imminent, could help correct an apparent disconnect between share price and assets.

Thus, lower entry points in NILIF stock could be an opportunity too good to ignore. Indeed, current investors don't always appreciate lower prices. But those that want to average down knowing that NILIF is on the verge of a trasformational year, may find the opportunity appealing. Of course, there's more to like about NILIF. After all, they are much bigger than only a play on Nevada lithium.

Other Significant Assets In Play

Actually, Surge Battery Metals is one of the few metal exploration companies on the TSX and OTC with resources in lithium, nickel, and copper. And that value is exposed through at least five primary metals and minerals producing locations across two jurisdictions, British Columbia in Canada and, as noted, Nevada in the United States. But most important to each of these operations is knowing they are more than near proven digs but also in jurisdictions where companies can move toward the end-game of mining, in this case digging, quickly.

And like in Nevada, it's other locations are impressive. Surge Battery Metals' projects in British Columbia are nearing monetizing their opportunities from potentially significant nickel deposits. That portfolio includes six mineral claims in the Mount Sidney Williams area covering 1863 hectares (roughly a 2.47-acre measure each) immediately south of and adjacent to the Decar Project and its Mitchell Range area covering 8659 hectares, located in Northern British Columbia. That's not all they have.

Surge's Caledonia Project includes 100% interest in 7 mineral claims, including the Caledonia, Cascade, and Bluebell claims. These properties are 4.3 miles northwest of the Island Copper Mine, which was once Canada's third-largest copper producer. Notably, the Caledonia project lies within a 31-mile copper belt that runs Northwest of Island Mine, again putting NILIF near proven reserves. Thus, again, right place at the right time.

A Sum Of Its Parts Too Good To Ignore

Frankly, the sum of NILIF's parts make the investment opportunity a little too good to ignore. Factoring in the fact that managing its promising asset portfolio is a team of experts, including Greg Reimer, former VP of Canada's massive BP Hydro, and Strategic Advisor Chip Richardson, a lifelong banker with experience working with everyone from UBS to Morgan Stanley, the investment proposition becomes even more compelling. But it's more than expertise driving the consideration.

Surge Battery Metals is supported by a debt-free balance sheet and roughly $3.8 million in liquid capital, more than enough to fully fund their planned exploration for 2022. Better yet, if needed, the team has secured an additional cash runway to accelerate exploration into 2023 with warrant options that could increase working capital by $8 million. Another thing to note is that with Surge Battery Metals being an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance)-mandated company, they could seize upon opportunities faster than even the large-cap miners in the space. That designation could also potentially triple the revenue-generating opportunities compared to those without the ESG status.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that NILIF has been described as a blue-chip value at penny-stock prices. And that presumption isn't a bullis exaggeration. It's made knowing that NILIF has the team, the capital, the assets, the locations, and the know-how to transform itself from an exploration company into a miner that can unearth value for itself and its shareholders. And best of all, the demand pipeline can last for decades, a result of a world in transformation to green energy.

And these "green energy" inititatives are being ushered in at a pace that should keep essential metals and elements pricing at a premium. Moreover, with the move being a global one, the demand imbalances will likely remain for decades, and that plays well for Surge Battery Metals. It's also a market that NILIF can attack.

Surge Battery Is More Than EV Metals Play

And they likely will. Remember, NILIF clients are not only EV manufacturers. Their goods are part of the "green metals" revolution vital in producing battery power for everything from power tools to hypersonic missiles. And that need and demand won't slow anytime soon. Lithium, Copper, and Nickel are all critical to battery construction, so while demand from the major automakers alone is gobbling up supply, other sectors needing lithium-ion battery power will only add to the supply/demand disconnect.

Keep in mind that while Tesla ($TSLA) earns many headlines, they are just a single contributor. At least 20 other automakers plan to launch a record 100 different pure battery-powered vehicles by 2024. But here's the kicker. The U.S. government has mandated 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035, meaning that the 20 million vehicles that TSLA expects to produce by 2035 could be a drop in the bucket to the totality of vehicles needed. And what does every single car need? A lithium battery.

So, knowing that the mandate provides market vision, and knowing that the transition to electric vehicles isn't a matter of "if," it's a matter of "when," is there a better sector to invest other than the EV battery metals? Probably not. At least not one that offers the same long term opportunities inherent to an industry in hyper-growth. So, it begs the question- is Surge Battery Metals positioned to generate significanbt near and long-term value for itself and their shareholders? That answer again comes in a single word- ABSOLUTELY.

A Timely Consideration In A Booming Sector

And with several milestones in 2021 that could become 2022 catalysts, that result could come sooner than later. And because the unprecedented demand for next-generation batteries isn't a short-term phenomenon, growth at NILIF won't be either. Hence, finding and taking advantage of opportunities in undervalued, under-the-radar battery materials companies in a sector offering a generational investment opportunity, taking the next step to purchase exposure into the sector may be the prudent thing to consider.

Keep in mind that 100 years ago few had the foresight to invest in oil. But those that did, like J. Paul Getty, made a fortune and created a business legacy that will last for decades more. Can the same happen for those taking advantage of trading ahead of the next biggest genational shift in history? Maybe, maybe not. But there's no question that many people, especially investors, will become fabulously wealthy by seizing an opportunity that is still in its market infancy. All they need to do is take action.


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